delicious bookmarks

I decided to add a little accessory to our blog. It's a web feed from a site called Del.icio.us that allows me to save my bookmarks to a public server so I can access them from any computer, anytime.

I love researching on the web, and I wanted to share what I'm looking at to get inspired. The feed updates on the left side of the blog every time I add a new bookmark. I think it's a fun tool, so enjoy and get your own Del.icio.us set of bookmarks.


Sara said...

This is awesome. Currently I have a cheat sheet of all my favorites in my email, which is a pain! LOVE IT. Thanks Sam-I-Am!

Jeanee said...

I'm finally using this! Can't wait to have my home & work bookmarks together!

BritZh said...

add me to your Del.icio.us network if you'd like - britzh

It'll be just like the summer of 2005... except you can't throw things over the cubicle at me.