Babies and Chocolate...need I say more?

Nate's sister Abbey and brother-n-law, Aaron, are having a baby boy this May. We were in Iowa this weekend where I helped host her shower with my Mom-in-law, Ruth. It was in a winery, the space was great, and the shower went very well. For the occasion, I designed these chocolate bar wrappers and re-wrapped three kinds of chocolate by Gillham and Grand, Hallmark's own chocolate brand.


Sara said...

I LOVE this idea! Very personal and adorable. Of course the artwork isn't bad either :)

Joseph Lalli said...

I like brown stuff that comes in bar form.....now I know I am not alone.

Khowdeshell said...

These are amazing! You make this stuff look easy.

Ruth said...

They were a great hit Samantha, and
everyone either ate them or took them home, as there were non left. And people said the chocolate was yummy.
Thank you so much for designing them and making Abbey's shower so special.
Love ya,

higgabs said...

I loved the candy bar favors, Sam! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. The personalized wrappers really added a lot to the "flavor" of the shower. It meant a lot to me. Thanks! Abbey

Janie said...

sam, these are adorable! have you considered doing this for weddings? i saw personalized wrappers once on candy at a reception (not nearly as cool of artwork) and it was a great personal touch