Sketchbook scans plus fun things to draw with

Just cuttin' loose in my moleskin lately. I've been loving this little portable water color set (Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box). The paint acts similar to gouache, I think because its kind of cheap and gritty, and goes down really opaque. I'm also loving the Zebra brush pen for getting nice brush like thicks and thins with the black line work. I like to go back in with gel pens, color pencils, and pastel pencils for detail. The over saturated reds and pinks come from this crazy hot pink Acryla Gouache. Illustrator Veronica Fish gives it a shout out on a Super Color blog post.


Brittany (Two if by Sea Studios) said...

Thanks for sharing your tools! We're traveling for the month of August and I've been daydreaming about sketchbooks and watercolors so this is perfect!. Ordering a Koi this weekend.

Ava said...

The colors are great. I really like the texture. Makes me wish I had some artistic talent (even a little bit) emergency water damage Manhattan KS