Holidays 2011: Philly, Dubuque, Stuart

Once Thanksgiving hits, Nate and I pack up and go on "tour" for the rest of the year. This year we were in Pennsylvania visiting my mom, then Iowa with Nate's family, and then down to Florida to see my dad and family there. Here are some of my favorite shots from our trips.

In Pennsylvania, we visited St. Peters Village outside of Glenmoore were you can jump across giant bolders, and hangout in a vintage arcade. We also went into Philadelphia (the city of murals) again this year and toured Todd House and The Bishop White house. The historic tours in the city are plentiful and interesting.

In Nate's home town Dubuque, Iowa, we mostly hung out with family, but decided to take a walk down to Bluff Street. You can browse some charming shops and galleries there including, Black Cat Vintage and Unforgivable Records where Nate reminisced over a wall of band posters from his youth.

Down in Florida we visited my grandparents for a day in Hollywood, FL where they've been living for about 60 years in the same house. We spent most of our time in Stuart where we relaxed with drinks, games, and a bonfire. We also ventured out to the the Jupiter Lighthouse, Coral Cove Park on Jupiter Island, and a day trip to St. Augustine.

Happy New Year!

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