Windsor Beer Labels

One of my favorite Christmas presents last year was a home beer brewing kit that I received from my Dad. He started making his own wine about five years ago, and I have been interested in home brewing ever since.

I knew the beer needed a name and decided on Windsor Beer, paying homage to the street we live on. Like any good beer, the beer needed a label. And since I've always been inspired by the sturdiness of classic beer labels, I wanted a timeless design of my own, complete with handlettering. The label calls out "Brewed in Kansas City's Historic Northeast", another nod to the pride I have for our neighborhood.

Little did I know how much of a passion this would turn out to be. This spring I constructed a pergola in our backyard which will support my own hop plants and give us more shade. I've planted three different varieties: Cascade, Mt. Hood and Willamette, all which have their own taste characteristics to be used in a variety of beer styles. Here's picture of the finished pergola. Hope we can enjoy some Windsor Beer together some day!

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