We are long overdue for some posts, and no longer have the excuse of the Holidays. We have some projects we'll be posting really soon. For now, I thought I would post some figure drawings from a recent session and talk about my rekindled flame for classic drawing and painting.
I recently read "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova, a fiction novel centered around oil painting.  It was filled with detailed descriptions of portraits and landscapes of real and fictional paintings from past (Impressionist Era) and present. After I read it I got all starry eyed over painting again, and rushed to the Nelson Atkins to look at the master paintings. I feel the urge for painting En Plein Air again, which probably also has to do with my recent move at work into an area I'm calling "the cave." As I'm feeling very fickle these days, I don't know if I can promise you'll be seeing any oil paintings on the blog, but who knows. I've been collecting paintings on my "Painting" Pinterest board, and I'm feeling very inspired. The paintings look like an escape! The monthly figure drawing session, surprisingly, is a new event at work . The top four are 2 minutes poses. The bottom is a crop of a longer pose, maybe 10 min.

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