Paper Mache

I tried my hand at some paper mache and fashioned this coyote/ dog head and then painted it with acrylic. Paper mache is sort of a lost art, you don't see to much of it out there in the main stream, but there is this husband and wife team, Kinya and Kao Hanada, that go by Mumbreeze. They make tons of awesome paper mache sculptures and they also have an an etsy store.


leslie t said...

Those are awesome, Sam! I actually just got some books from the library on papier mache. I was inspired when I was hanging out at Reading Reptile with the kiddos. I dunno if you've ever been there, but the owners did all of the sculptures themselves and they're really fun!

Leonore Shield said...

You have inspired me! This is a fantastic sculpture. I like the color choices on this. Mimosanantonio at ETSY.