Jenn's Baby Shower

My best friend since the 3rd grade is having a baby boy! My friend Nicole and I threw a shower for her this weekend. It was a lot of work, but very fun. With a retro story book theme, and lots of good food (Thank you Susan and Jamie) we knew we couldn't go wrong. The upper right picture is Nicole's and my gift to Jenn. She got lots of gifts and love, it was a really good time.


Sandra said...

Your baby shower was soc cute!
I love the creative ideas.

baby gifts said...

Hooray for this baby shower! This is truly exciting and fun especially for your friend “Jenn”. She really deserves to have a beautiful shower like this. Congratulations to her! Thanks for sharing this.

janie said...

how cute. sam- you are an awesome friend and such a creative person!! i miss you.

congrats jen!

Jeanee said...