In the Valley of Elah

Tarkus Attacks! has finally finished recording, mastering and printing our first EP, "In the Valley of Elah." Chris Bohatyritz and I silk screened the packages at INKubator Press during their "Print Stuff" open studio on Monday nights. We're really excited about how they turned out! Each package is a one of kind thanks to the experimental nature of print making and Chris' color mixing skills. Now for sale in both physical and digital form on Bandcamp. Get the whole thing or just one track!

Now, check out the video below for some behind-the-scenes magic!


Kristen Phillips said...

looks awesome! you two are pros!

Ruth said...

So proud of you both...love all you have added since the last time I saw your PencilPop Blog.
Great pictures of New Orleans. Sam love your designs of cards and water bottles for Hallmark. Thanks for sharing. love, Mom

Aaron Guillermo Hale! said...

how does one get one of these EPs?