True Patriots

We had another amazing Halloween, dressed in homemade costumes, as the American Gladiators circa 1989. Let me introduce Ice, Taser, Turbo, and Viper. We were truly patriotic as we chanted "U-S-A" and slapped each other high fives. It felt kind of nice pumping fists with Michael Phelps as we recognized our relationship as fellow americans. It was an honor posing with Optimus Prime as we celebrated our national colors. Over all good choice in costume as there are only days until the election. Tensions are high, but people are recognizing their duty to make a choice as citizens of this country. See more photos here.


Janie said...

those costumes are amazing sam and nate!! sam...i cannot wait to see you in a few days.

Sarah said...

These are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!
Hilarious. Oh man...You guys look so awesome.

numa said...

haha excellent.